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Transform Your Stage with Light Sky’s Laser Moving Head Light – Mini Laser Aqua

With a color wheel offering 12 vibrant colors plus a blank, linear CMY color mixing, and a range of effects including gobos, frost, prism, dimmer, strobe, and motorized focus, this laser moving head light provides limitless creative possibilities. Light up your stage and captivate your audience with Light Sky‘s Mini Laser Aqua.

Powerful and Precise Illumination

Light Sky’s Mini Laser Aqua boasts a 100W white laser as its light source, ensuring powerful and brilliant illumination. The narrow 1.1° beam angle allows for precise and focused lighting, highlighting specific areas or creating captivating effects. With a front lens diameter of 128mm, the Mini Laser Aqua ensures clear and sharp projection, enhancing the visual impact of your performance. Experience the power and precision of the Mini Laser Aqua as it transforms your stage with its exceptional illumination.

Versatile Effects and Creative Control

The Mini Laser Aqua offers a wide range of effects to bring your creative vision to life. The color wheel features 12 vibrant colors plus a blank, allowing you to create dynamic and immersive lighting displays. With the linear CMY color mixing system, you have precise control over color transitions and customization. The static gobo wheel includes 14 fixed gobos plus a blank, enabling you to project captivating patterns and textures onto your stage. Additional effects such as frost, prism with multiple combinations, dimmer, strobe, and motorized focus further enhance your ability to create unique and captivating lighting designs.


Light Sky’s Mini Laser Aqua laser moving head light is the ultimate tool to transform your stage performances. With its powerful illumination, precise beam control, versatile effects, and creative control features, this lighting fixture opens up a world of possibilities for your artistic expression. From vibrant colors and dynamic transitions to captivating gobos and prism combinations, the Mini Laser Aqua allows you to create unforgettable visual experiences.

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