Roulette – Instructions on how to play roulette most accurately of all time

Roulette is the most popular and popular gambling game in the world. It is a quite familiar name in traditional casinos and online casinos. With New88vinet Find out details through the article below

What is Roulette? Not everyone knows the ultimate tips for playing Roulette

Roulette in French means “small wheel”. It clearly shows the image of the game we are talking about. The essence of Roulette is a game that uses roulette and a number table shaped almost like a wheel. There are 37 numbers in total numbered from 0 to 36 on the table.

Players need to accurately predict the number at which the ball will stop when the roulette ends its rotation. If the prediction is correct, the player will receive a reward corresponding to the part you have bet. If your prediction is wrong, the bonus amount you bet will be lost.

There are two popular types of roulette today: American Roulette and European roulette. Each type will have unique characteristics. The player’s job is to distinguish carefully to choose a reasonable table. Because each house will have many betting tables of many types.

Common terms often encountered when playing Roulette

Because this game was imported from the West, players may be confused by strange terms. Therefore, we will help you list all the terms so as not to cause difficulties for you while playing

  • European/French Roulette: European/French Roulette
  • American Roulette: Roulette Mỹ
  • Action Player: refers to players who place large bets, “masters”
  • Croupier: The dealer
  • Low Bet: Place a bet at a low level
  • Inside Bet: Bet on the numbers inside the square
  • Red Bet: Bet on the red box
  • Line Bet: Bet on separate numbers on the betting table
  • Odd Bet: Odd bet
  • Outside Bet: Bet in the center of the table
  • Quarter Bet: Corner bet
  • Street Bet: Special 3-way bet
  • Split Bet: Special 2-way bet
  • True Odds: Players receive bets on actual winnings
  • Partage Rule: If the ball lands on zero, the player will receive a refund of the bet
  • Roulette Chips: chips or coins, bet money in Roulette
  • Ball track: The groove of the ball
  • Biased Numbers and Wheels: Random numbers
  • Bottom Track: When the ball is between the ball track and the number track
  • Black Bet: bet on the black box
  • Corner Bet: Bet on 4 numbers
  • Column Bet: line bet with 12 numbers
  • Dozen Bet: In 1 bet you can bet on 12 numbers
  • Five Number Bet: High-low bet type includes 0, 1, 2, 3
  • House Edge: The difference between the winnings and the amount received, also known as the Casino’s “money line”.

What are the standard rules of Roulette?

To be sure of winning in each game, you need to clearly understand its rules. The rules of Roulette are also quite simple and easy to understand, so let’s remember!

  • The Roulette table includes 1 roulette wheel and 1 number table for you to place bets on. The number table has a total of 37 numbers played in order from 0 to 36 and different betting boxes.
  • You can only bet for a certain short time. Players can bet on multiple boxes at the same time.
  • The dealer will be the one to draw the number by tossing the small ball up while the roulette wheel is spinning. According to the rules, the ball must rotate at least 3 times before falling into a certain betting box.
  • If the ball falls into someone’s betting box, that person will receive a prize, and will lose the bet amount if the ball does not fall into the box you bet on.

Popular ways to bet in Roulette

Bet half a table

For this type of bet the winning rate is 1:1. You can bet half a table from 1-18 or 19-36

How to bet even and odd

The winning rate of this type of bet is also 1:1. You will be betting on all odd or even numbers

Bet on red and black

The payout ratio is 1 to 1. This bet is quite simple. You just need to bet on all black or red numbers

Column bet (Betting 12 numbers)

The winning ratio is 1: 2. The player needs to place the chip in the small 2 to 1 box at the end of the vertical column at the table.

Bet two lines

Also known as 6-number betting. This way of betting is relatively easy. You can bet on multiple numbers at the same time. You just need to place your bet at the intersection point below those two lines. The odds of winning are 1:5.

How to bet on corners (Betting 4 numbers)

The odds of winning are 1 to 8, so this way of playing is popular with many people. Just place the chip in the middle of the 4 numbers you choose.

How to bet on lines (Betting 3 numbers)

The odds of winning are 1:11. Placing the chip on the bottom edge of that row means you have bet on all 3 numbers in the horizontal row.

How to bet double (Betting 2 numbers)

Payout ratio 1:17. The player places his chip on the boundary between the two numbers he wants to choose.

How to bet single (Betting 1 number)

The redemption rate is 1:35. There are 37 numbers for you to freely choose to bet on

Not everyone knows the secret to playing Roulette effectively

You should choose reputable bookmakers

Currently, there are quite a few fraudulent bookmakers spreading online to entice players to participate, but when the player wins the bet, they cannot redeem the prize. Using tricks and cheating tricks in the game causes players to lose money.

So, be smart players and choose reputable bookmakers that operate openly. Have an operating license issued by competent organizations. Simple and fast deposit and withdrawal methods.


Understand the rules of the game, probability of winning and payout ratio

Each way of playing will have its own probability of winning and reward rate. Therefore, the player’s job is to understand the basics to have the most reasonable way to play

Double bet tip

This is a way of playing that is often used by players in the roulette industry. The simple way to play is that you should bet a low amount in the first game. Once you get the hang of this game, you just need to double your bet. The higher the winning rate, the larger the amount of money you get

When you win, you must withdraw money immediately

Every game has luck. But for entertainment games that have a strong financial impact like this, you need to be more alert. Withdraw your bonus as soon as you win. Only play with the initial capital you spend if you want to make money from this game of chance. The person who knows when to stop is always the winner.

With a simple method and high payout rate, this is the promised land for many players to find a chance to change their luck.

Above is all of our sharing about roulette. Surely by reading this you have understood what roulette is and how to properly play roulette. With detailed instructions and simple gameplay, we hope this will be a good playground for those who want to try their luck. Hope you have fun and exciting moments of gaming experience

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