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Partner with Gracedo for Premium Nail Brush Supply and Manufacturing Success

When it comes to creating stunning nail art, the right tools are crucial. Gracedo is a leading name in the industry, specializing in high-quality nail brush supply. Their commitment to innovation and excellence makes them a preferred choice for professional nail artists and beauty brands alike.

Nail Brush Model NB01: The Ultimate Tool for Precision

Gracedo’s Nail Brush Model NB01 stands out as a comprehensive 15-piece nail brush set designed for precision and versatility. Each brush in this set features vegan synthetic fiber bristles, ensuring a smooth and consistent application. The thickened aluminum ferrule provides durability, while the solid wooden handle offers a comfortable grip for extended use. This combination of high-quality materials ensures that the brushes maintain their shape and performance over time, making them ideal for detailed nail art.

Meeting the Needs of Professional Nail Artists

As a premier nail art brush manufacturer, Gracedo understands the unique needs of professional nail artists. Their NB01 nail brush set is meticulously crafted to support intricate designs, from fine lines to elaborate patterns. The variety of brush sizes and shapes in the set allows artists to unleash their creativity and achieve flawless results. Gracedo’s dedication to quality ensures that each brush delivers exceptional performance, helping artists create beautiful, lasting nail art.


Gracedo’s expertise as a nail art brush manufacturer and supplier positions them as a leader in the beauty industry. Their NB01 nail brush set exemplifies their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By choosing Gracedo, beauty brands and professional nail artists can trust that they are investing in tools that deliver outstanding performance and support their creative endeavors. Partner with Gracedo for your nail brush supply needs and experience the difference that top-tier craftsmanship and customization can make.

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