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Ikinor – A Leading Smart Blackboard Manufacturer Transforming Education

Ikinor, a trailblazing interactive flat panel manufacturer, is at the forefront of transforming education with its innovative products. As a leading smart backboard manufacturer, Ikinor offers cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend traditional teaching tools with advanced technology. With a focus on creating immersive and engaging learning experiences, Ikinor’s smart blackboards are setting new standards in smart education.

Ikinor - A Leading Smart Blackboard Manufacturer Transforming Education

Seamless Integration of Traditional and Digital Writing

One of the standout features of Ikinor’s Smart Blackboards is its seamless design that connects three panels together. The unique “Wing” boards on the sides enable teachers to use traditional writing tools such as chalk and marker pens, while the central interactive display offers touch-based control and multimedia interactions. Ikinor’s Smart Blackboards blend the simplicity of traditional writing with the interactivity of modern technology, creating a dynamic and collaborative classroom environment.

Crystal-Clear Visuals for Enhanced Learning

Ikinor’s Smart Blackboards come equipped with Ultra HD 4K Resolution, delivering vibrant and bright images in stunning detail. With this advanced feature, teachers can captivate their students with visually rich content, making every lesson come to life. The unparalleled image quality of Ikinor’s Smart Blackboards sets a new benchmark for interactive displays in education.

Convenient Storage Space Design

Ikinor’s Smart Blackboards feature a space-saving storage design, providing a convenient spot to keep stylus pens or chalk. This thoughtful feature ensures educators have the tools they need at their fingertips, eliminating interruptions during lessons and promoting a smooth teaching experience. By streamlining the teaching process, Ikinor empowers educators to focus on what truly matters – facilitating meaningful learning experiences.


As a leading Smart Blackboard Manufacturer, Ikinor continues to lead the way in smart education. With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Ikinor is a trusted partner for educational institutions seeking to create interactive and immersive learning environments. Embrace the future of smart education with Ikinor’s transformative Smart Blackboards.

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