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Driving Innovation: Boyu Extruder’s Advancements in Sustainable Extrusion Equipment

At Boyu Extruder, the future of extrusion equipment is being reimagined through their unwavering commitment to advancing technology, sustainability, and safety. As a renowned manufacturer in the industry, Boyu Extruder has gained recognition for their cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically for the production of high-quality floors. With a focus on continuous research and development, Boyu Extruder is at the forefront of innovation, driving the industry forward with their state-of-the-art technology and forward-thinking practices.

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

Boyu Extruder stands out in the market for its continuous research and development efforts, resulting in the creation of cutting-edge technology. With over 90 technical patents, Boyu Extruder is at the forefront of innovation. Their R&D center, comprising a team of experienced professionals, ensures that their extrusion equipment is built using the latest technology and techniques.

The company’s dedication to technological advancement enables them to offer a comprehensive range of extruders specifically designed for the production of floors. Boyu Extruder’s equipment is not only easy to operate but also environmentally friendly and safe. By incorporating advanced technology, Boyu Extruder ensures superior performance and efficiency, meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

Sustainable and Safe Practices for a Greener Future

Boyu Extruder is committed to creating a greener future through sustainable practices. Their extrusion equipment is designed with energy-saving features, reducing power consumption and minimizing environmental impact. The floor produced by Boyu Extruder’s equipment is free of formaldehyde and heavy metals, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for end-users.

Furthermore, Boyu Extruder prioritizes the safety of their equipment. With a strong emphasis on quality control, their products adhere to stringent safety standards. Boyu Extruder understands the importance of providing reliable and durable equipment that not only meets industry requirements but also ensures the safety of operators.


Boyu Extruder’s commitment to advancing technology, sustainable practices, and safety standards makes them a leader in the field of extrusion equipment. With their innovative solutions, they are shaping the future of the industry, providing high-quality and environmentally friendly equipment for the production of floors.

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